Johannes W.

Johannes, born in Loviisa in 1983, grew up on the outskirts of a small town where nature played a significant role in his childhood and youth. The proximity of the sea and the towering trees of the forests arching over the sky created an idyllic environment in which it was good to grow up and learn to love nature. Clean air and the scent of fresh wood ingrained themselves deep into his soul from a very young age.

Summers spent in Lapland, fishing by the river, crafting wooden fishing rods by the campfire, and carving wooden figures ignited a passion for hands-on craftsmanship. Working with pure and genuine materials felt right in his hands, and the process felt natural.

The precision and the importance of finishing, learned as an assistant to his father on construction sites, became deeply ingrained. Careless cutting and craftsmanship were not acceptable; the work was redone as many times as needed until the quality was up to par. The significance of details and the precision of finishing helped cultivate a sense of professional pride from a young age. The finished product had to look and feel good.

Later, moving from Loviisa to Helsinki to study media brought his thoughts elsewhere for years. After his studies, work took him to a Finnish family-owned lighting business for over a decade, which largely cherished the same ideas and visions regarding details, quality, and precision that Johannes had learned from an early age. The versatility of the work nurtured his own perspective and professional skills day by day.

The years passed, and even though his daily work had little to do with hands-on craftsmanship, the joy of it never faded. During leisure time, returning to his hometown rekindled vivid memories, and his passion for hands-on work grew. Gradually, the idea of returning to his passion began to take shape. He wanted to create something with his hands that others could admire, touch, and experience emotions through.

Starting his own business felt like a natural idea, allowing him to realize his vision and perspective. Finland, the land of thousands of lakes and forests, provides the perfect raw materials for creating beautiful things, so it was a natural choice to start making products from wood. The beauty and elegance of birch appealed to him from a young age. Birch is a versatile and resilient wood species that grows in challenging conditions. Even though it sheds its leaves every autumn, it regrows them in spring, stronger and fuller. This also mirrors Johannes’ inner landscape and attitude towards life.

The first products were jewelry, which quickly found their way into different retailers’ selections. New products were crafted, and the business gained momentum. The products garnered a lot of admiration and accolades at various trade events.

However, the idea was to create something more significant, something that would be remembered.

The goal was to challenge prominent Finnish designers, with the dream of becoming one of them.

The aim was to create a classic. From that idea, the Kenno lamp was born.